Jongito Was A Result Of The Potara Earring Fusion Between Jonathan And Vegito Jongito Had Vegito's Black Spiked Up Hairstyle With Two Bangs On The Side Jongito Wears Jonathan's Orange And Dark Blue Gi Which Was Shaped Like A Reversed V Jongito Wears Jonathan's White Baggy Pants Jongito Wears Jonathan's High White Boots Jongito Wears Vegeta's White Gloves Jongito Is Brown Skinned Jongito Has Black Eyes He Wears Potara Earrings On His Ears 

The Origins Of Jongito And Debut 

Jongito Who Had The Personality Of Both Jonathan And Vegito Combined It Was Implied That Jongito Was The Strongest Fusion In AF His First Official Appearance Was In Dragon Ball AF Issue #1: The Evil Earth Saga Arc (1997-98) After Vegeta Unknowingly Accidentally Blows Up Earth They All Ended Up In An Evil Version Of Earth Jonathan Blamed Vegeta For This Mess Trunks However Noticed That We Were On Earth But It Was The Evil Version This Saga Was The Longest One Beerus Realized That Vegeta Being An Idiot That Vegeta Is Blown Up Earth For No Apparent Reason Whis Reminds Beerus That Vegeta Had Changed The Timeline Just Like Jonathan Did 


Jongito Is Arguably One Of The Most Powerful Fusions His Power Even Surpasses Gotenks At 999,000,000,000 He's Quite Possibly The Most Powerful Character    

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