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"Im the one to eliminate all evil"
— Horenso

Birth[May 6th Age,894] Pronounced:(HOR-IN-SO)A half-Saiyan said to be one of the last surviving Saiyans left.Before he came to Earth he was on a Raider's ship heading to Planet Yardrat. He mananged To kill the crew and escape with a saiyan pod they stole years before. He Has Black Spicky hair. He gets his anger from his uncle but deep down he is a good saiyan. He has a red tail and is proud of it too. He can mimic other voices, Play the Guitar. He was also a student of Kibito Kai for 40 days.

Abilities & Power Increasers

  • High Speed</li>
  • Flight</li>
  • Destructo Disk</li>
  • Ki Blast</li>
  • Kamehameha</li>
  • Punch Flare Gun:</li>
  • Karma Kaioken:</li>
  • Instant Transmission</li>
  • Afterimage</li>
  • Special Beam Cannon x3

    Weakness and Fear

    "There is one fear i have, Blood Red Wasps"
    — Horenso

    He is afraid of Wasps. When he was 4 he stuck his hand in a wasps' nest. He has a scar on his hand from it. Vegeta Jr says "Let that be a lesson to you"

    Forms and Transformations

        • Normal Form
        • Super Saiyan
        • Super Saiyan 2
        • Super Saiyan 3

    Super Saiyan 4

        • Super Saiyan 5

        • Super Saiyan 6

        • Super Saiyan 7

        • Infininty Super Saiyan This is the most powerful transformation but requirers 99.9% of power. He has only reached this twice but he even said it was way to dangerous.

        • Secret Super Saiyan

        • Great Ape It looks like a normal great ape

        • Golden Great Ape
        • ==Quotes:==

    "Never look me in the eye or else get your lungs pierced with my foot "
    — Horenso


    </li> </li>

  • Aura Color in normal state: Purple</li></li></li>
  • He only saw Tarble once
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