The Henka Beam is a technique employed by all the forms of Majin Buu as well as his semi-reincarnation Uub. It manifests itself as a pink or light purple energy beam which Buu fires from the tentacle like appendage on top of his head.
Upon contact with someone or something the Henka Beam will completely transform that object or person into anything that the user wishes. It is primarily used by Buu to transform people into various forms of candy (cookie, chocolate, jawbreaker etc.)and on one occasion (in the anime) even a carton of milk. Essentially the Henka Beam is a highly advanced transmutation technique with the capability of turning anyone or anything into whatever Buu or Uub want them to be regardless of what state or form this might take. It is not known if there are any restrictions on the mass or weight of the object created as all things made were of less mass than the person they were made out of (this may simply be because Buu usually only used it to transform people into regular sized candy). Due to his lack of a tentacle, Uub fired his Henka Beam from his fingertip. Uub also found a way of combining the Henka Beam and Kamehameha techniques into the Henka Kamehameha.

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