Hachihyaku is a character that is made by Dr. Raichi a Tuffle.


Hachihyaku is an antagonist of the Dragonball Z OVA "The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans". It first appears as Dr. Raichi's supercomputer, but later materializes into a powerful fighter after absorbing the pure hatred of Dr. Raiichi. Afterward, the supercomputer appeared to be too powerful for the Z Fighters to handle. Luckily, after about 15 minutes of a rather one-sided fight, Goku learns of Hachihyaku's weakness; Hatchihyaku only fired his energy blast after 15 seconds. Knowing this, Goku and the others begin powering up their strongest blasts, and fire at the count of 15. This proves to be more than enough to fully destroy Hachihyaku.


Hachihyaku's game has different endings and most of those endings have different transformations.

Big Hachihyaku
In this transformation, Hachihyaku grows in size and his hand is slightly larger than Goku.
Multi Hachihyaku
In this form, Hachihyaku multiplies into many Hachihyaku's.
Super Hachihyaku
In this form, Hachihyaku grows slightly and is even stronger then that he first was. He defeats the Z-Fighters even quicker, and they are no match for him anymore. He is defeated by Goku, who throws a Spirit Bomb in his face.


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