Gotrunkten is the Potara fusion with Goten and Trunks.


To fight Sayia'ns X,Y and Z, (2 years after the fight with Kid Buu.) Goten and Trunks fused using the Fusion Dance, but they where easily sent flying by Saiyan Y's Force Blast and defused.

Then Kibito Kai teloported to earth with some Kai earings and gave them to Goten and Trunks telling the how to fuse. Then they fused into Gotrunkten and easily held his own fighting Saiyan Y and after after a while defeted him with a Finish Kamehamaha.

However, when he went to fight Saiyan X (the strongest of the mecainical saiyans) he combined with Saiyan's Y and Z and became Saiyan Alpha. Then Saiyan Alpha kiled Gotrunkten with a single punch in the head.

They defused in the Otherworld.


  • Flight, he flies with the use of ki
  • Finish Kahmehameha, a combanation between Goten's Kamehameha and Trunk's Finish Buster
  • Double Distructo Disk, Gotrunkten fires two orange disks that cut through everything in there way then they come together to form one big Distructo Disk
  • Big Tree Kamekameha, a mix between Goten's signeture Kamekameha and Trunk's Big Tree Canon, Gotunkten fires a green colored Kamehameha using energy from both hands with lightning surronding him
  • Firework explosion, Gotrunkten fires dozens of energy blasts in the air that home in down on the enemy and explode on impact, he first used the agenst Saiyan Z when he was about to kill Krillen
  • Explosive Wave, he sends an explosion around his body
  • Ultimate Dragon Gernade, Gotrunkten's finishing move. He gathers energy for a moment and then puts all of his ki in one giant energy ball


Gotrunkten's hair is dark pink but is shaped liked Goten's. His face looks more like Trunk's but his eyes are Goten's he where's an orange gi but the inside in dark green.


Super Saiyan

Gotrunkten fights in this form to destroy Saiyan Y.

Super Saiyan 2

Gotrunkten is not able to go into super saiyan 2 (mabey it is because nethier Goten or Trunks can reach SSJ2.) But when he sees Gohan's death because of Saiyan Z he go's into this form to destroy him.

Super Saiyan 3

He reaches this tranformation to destroy Saiyan Alpha who kiled him in one punch. Unlike his other forms he is extremly cocky and unserious about fighting much like Gotenks.

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