Giant Form (Kyodaika) is a transformation used by some Namekians (without being determined how many). The transformation causes the Namekian to grow to enormous propertions, reaching a size of nearly ten times their original size and increasing their power by an unspecified multiple. It is quite likely that any Namekian is capable of initiating this transformation provided that they know how as both Lord Slug and Piccolo were capable of transforming in this way. Piccolo transformed like this once in the manga and twice in the anime. He first transformed during his fight with Goku in the Piccolo Jr. Saga. He then transformed even bigger, but found this form to be ultimately ineffective against Goku (this was in both the anime and manga). He transformed a second time (only in the anime) to counter Super Garlic Jr. (The Garlic Jr. Saga was an anime only filler saga and Piccolo found the technique to be very effective against Garlic Jr., as despite his greatly increased size and strength, he did not sacrifice speed for the power-up and remained just as fast as he was before he transformed. In the anime, he even went on to tell Garlic Jr., "You can't sacrifice speed for power, not against me.") This was not the case for Garlic Jr. whose enlargement came at the cost of speed. King Piccolo was also abnormally tall for a Namekian, and could also increase his size somewhat, as displayed just before he unleashed his destructive wave on Goku, though it was never confirmed if this was the same technique.

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