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The Gatsūga Bakuha (lit. 月牙天衝, "Twin Fang Piercer Blast") is Ryun's special ability and technique. A powerful energy attack that fires a concentrated, black-colored blast(s) of ki in the shape of a crescent or a wave (when it contacts the ground). In Super Saiyan form, these potent blasts are crimson and their paths can be controlled, also faster and more powerful with extended range. Ryun can also use this technique to augment blade swings, increasing its power, while in the Super Saiyan state. Ryun can also use it to be fired from the tip of the blade like it was a gun, altering and extending its range. The Gatsūga Bakuha is a very potent technique, which can become more powerful when Ryun expels more energy into it, using Super Saiyan, and/or Kaio-ken. It uses a grand amount of Ryun's immense power. Seiryun, can also use Gatsūga Bakuha with far greater power. It could also possibly be super powered to the utmost of being at its greatest extent.

Appearance and Power

The Gatsūga Bakuha has several different colors and outlines. In the base state, the blasts are black with considerable range and force. In Super Saiyan, the blasts are crimson, and their paths can be controlled, with greater potency, speed, and extended range. Sometimes, if the Gatsūga Bakuha hits a foe, it results in a huge explosion, badly wounding them. Seiryun, when using Gatsūga Bakuha, are white with a blue outline, and their paths can be controlled, with greater potency, speed, and extended range. The power of the Gatsūga Bakuha can be further augmented when Ryun uses Super Saiyan 3 and above. The full power of the Gatsūga Bakuha is unknown, as it may be a lethal move.

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