Father of Garlic Jr., Garlic is only mentioned twice in DBZ. He competed with the nameless Namek for the throne of Kami. The Namek was chosen over Garlic because unlike the Namek, Garlic held evil ambitions that soon became apparent to the previous Kami. Garlic resented the decision, and created an army of evil demons which he led right to Kami's Lookout in order to overthrow him. However, the Namek, who had by now go by "Kami" after he split away from his evil half, defeated him and, according to Kami in DBZ movie 1, Garlic was cast into the realm of darkness called the Dead Zone, a negative space from which he would never returned.

However, in the Garlic Jr. Saga, a flashback recaps the scene of Garlic forcefully trying to take the throne, revealing that Garlic was sealed in an orb similar to the type of bottle that Garlic Jr. used to capture and contain Kami and Mr. Popo with, except that the orb is in a 3-dimensional Star-of-David shape, and instead of clear, the orb is opaque and pitch black. One may infer that Garlic was kept in that orb for the remainder of his life.

In the Garlic Jr. saga, before the fight, and in DBZ movie 1, Garlic Jr. says, "My father, Garlic, created the Dead Zone but was defeated by Kami."

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