The Galactic Buster is Bojack's ultimate move that he used in the movie Bojack Unbound. When he uses it, he forms two bright-green energy spheres on his hands and spreads his arms out in a form similar to Vegeta's Final Flash technique. He then throws the energy balls out at his opponents in the form of a massive wave of energy.

Bojack used this technique to try to kill SSJ2 Gohan, who counterattacked with the Super Kamehameha. The two energy waves clashed in a huge explosion and both the two fighters rushed through for the attack. In the blinding light, SSJ2 Gohan delivered one final punch to Bojack and ultimately succeeded in killing the tyrant.

This attack is named in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series and is also Bojack's Ultimate Blast in his Full Power form.

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