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Image Description

  • This image shows the character, Super Boo, after absorbing Piccolo. He is then given the title, Super Buu w/Piccolo/Goten/Trunks


  • Image gained from >
  • According to the site, myfavorite games is licensed by FUNimation Productions ltd.
  • My Favorite Games is hosted by a large, secure, co-location facility in California.
  • Contact Information: W e b m a s t e r @ M y f a v o r i t e g a m e s . c o m
    1. Name: Sharky
    2. AIM: ECF Sharky
    3. Email: Send it to Dino
    4. Position: Webmaster/Owner
    5. Works On: Everything

Fair use

It is believed that this image is subject to fair use in the article Djinn Boo because:

  1. This image illustrates the text next to which it appears, which describes the character.
  2. It is of much lower resolution than the original (copies made from it will be of very inferior quality).
  3. It does not limit the copyright owner's rights to market or sell the work in any way.
  4. This image is used on various websites, so its use on Wikipedia does not make it significantly more accessible or visible than it already is.
  5. The image is being used in an informative way and should not detract from the original work.
  6. No free or public domain images have been located for this item.

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