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The farmer was the first human to encounter the Saiyan Raditz upon his arrival on Earth and the first person to have a certified power level Dragon Ball Z. He noticed something falling from the sky to his field, drove there and was incapacitated very quickly. He had a gun and tried to shoot Raditz but the Saiyan caught the bullet with his bare hand and threw it back, blowing the farmer off his feet, but not killing him. The farmer had power level of 5 (more than a calm Gohan but much less than even the weakest Z Warriors).

The fate of the farmer somewhat varies between source material. In the anime, it is a common misconception that he was killed by the bullet Raditz returns, as he can be heard mumbling afterward. However in the manga, it is debatable that he was killed by the bullet Raditz returns, as he makes no clear movements between panels and has no dialogue after being sent to the ground.

In popular culture

It has become an internet trend in YouTube videos, where the farmer's (originally useless) shot at Raditz is actually used to kill most of the important villains (Cell, Vegeta, etc.) using actual blasts that killed them (Gohan's Kamehameha to Cell, Frieza's Death Beam to Vegeta, etc.).

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