Babidi's Revenge

The z warriors are training for the world tournament. Goku has a good feeling about it. Majin Buu flies over the city. He hears screaming people and then sees he Babidi. Babidi recognise Buu. And becomes frightened. Buu says to Babidi that he must leave. Piccolo, who also heard the screaming is there too. Piccolo says to Buu that he must warn the others. A few moments later, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan show up together with Piccolo they get near Babidi . Babidi summons Shenron and brings back Frieza and Cell to life and make them majin. Frieza and Cell laugh and do a double Death Beam. The Z-warriors dodge and fire ki-blasts at them. It has no impact on them. They have become stronger because of Babidi. Babidi screams " Paparaper". They are all of a sudden at the Cell ring. Krillin and #18 are here for training. Krillin is scared and shout how this is possible. Piccolo calls that Krillin must find Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Videl. Goten and Trunks which were there also in the neighbourhood for training come there show up. Krillin is back. Cell send all Cell Jr.' s to the z warriors. With some effort the z-warriors beat the Cell Jrs. Frieza and Cell do a rapid fire Death Beam. It is stopped. Frieza and Cell now do a double Death Ball. These become together a large Death Ball. All z warriors that can do  a Kamehameha fires towards the Death Ball. In the meantime Piccolo and Vegeta on Babidi fly towards and fire Rapid Fire on him. Babidi is hit and dies. The Death Ball is not stronger than all Kamehamehas and is pushed towards Frieza and Cell. They are destroyed. The z warriors sigh and go home. That was enough training for today.

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