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The Family Kamehameha is Goku, Gohan, and Goten's ultimate attack in their Super Saiyan forms that they used in Broly: Second Coming. Gohan and Goten combine their two Kamehameha blasts against Broly's Omega Blaster. Goku then arrives to coach his sons to victory (thanks to a wish made by Goten in his mind). Even though it works for a short time, Broly fires more ki blasts into his attack to push it forward. As Broly prepares to destroy the Earth, Trunks, who was awakened by the energy struggle, fires his own ki blast to form a shield that prevents Broly from powering up his blast. Seeing their chance, Goku, Gohan, and Goten release all of their power into the Family Kamehameha, breaking through Broly's Omega Blaster and sending the Legendary Super Saiyan into the sun where he is supposedly destroyed by the solar flames.

Similarities to the Father-Son Kamehameha

  • Goku spiritually helps Gohan and Goten with this attack against Broly, just like he helped Gohan against Super Perfect Cell.
  • Both Goku and his sons put more power into the Family Kamehameha, to which Broly retaliates by powering his Omega Blaster. Gohan and Cell are also seen powering up their attacks during their Kamehameha struggle.
  • Both Vegeta and Trunks play a major role in helping defeat the enemy. Trunks uses his ki blast to form a barrier to prevent Broly from powering up his attack. However, Vegeta used his ki blast only to distract Cell.
  • The Family Kamehameha sent Broly from the Earth to the sun where he was presumably killed. But the Father-Son Kamehameha destroyed Cell completely and the blast was sent into outer space. In both cases, both Kamehameha attacks blasted their enemies from the Earth to outer space.

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