Directory: CharactersHumans Erasa is a character in Dragon Ball Z . She is a human. Voiced by:Megumi Urawa (Japanese), Laura Bailey (English),



Erasa is a blonde girl, with a green shirt with lines and blue jeans in Son Gohan's class at Orange Star High School who has a bit of a crush on him, but never directly approaches him about it. It's she who asks Gohan to sit near her at the school bench. She sits right next to him.Also she is very sweet and cheerful. Erasa becomes pretty good friends with both Videl and Gohan. She and Sharpner were named after school supplies, with her named being derived from eraser.

Great Saiyaman Saga

World Tournament Saga

She comes to the island with Sharpner to watch the Tournament and was horrofied when Videl was badly wounded by Spopovich. And so she was surprised at the World Tournament when she discovers that Gohan was the "Golden Fighter" She was killed along with the rest of the people of Earth when Buu destroys it but after the Buu Saga her whereabouts are unknown.

Erasa doesn't appear in Dragonball GT.

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