End Super Saiyan


End Super Saiyan Broly Jr.

Broly Jr. the only of Broly`s living descendants, has become the only End Super Saiyan in the history of the Dragonball Timeline. Broly Jr. watched as the Earth was being destroyed when everything condensed into a singularity. The singularity imploded and out came Broly Jr. in End Super Saiyan form.


End Super Saiyan contains the power of an entire universe, making the user nearly invincible. Broly Jr. in End Super Saiyan was defeated after terrorizing universes by Final Super Saiyan Goku, who flicked him, and his basic particles turned into energy, destroying his soul. Any other End Super Saiyan is unknown.

Ki Abilities

The Ki of an End Super Saiyan is multiplied by the amount of energy in the universe of which they absorb. Broly Jr.`s Ki was incredible, able to destroy entire universes. End Super Saiyans can also absorb the energy of other universes.

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