Dragon Ball AF is a series that takes place 100 years after the events of Dragon Ball GT.




Former Antagonists


New Recruits Saga

Episode 1: We Meet Again

Takes place where Dragon Ball GT left off Goku Jr is preparing to fight, wearing the torn clothes of his great great grandfather. He is soon confronted by Vegeta Jr, who calling his clothes rags. The two then begin to fight, the crowd cheering on as they do.

Kuriza Saga

After the defeat of Lord Yao, the Goku Jr, Riku, Chi-Zu, and Tora return to their training. But their training is cut short when they feel many powerful energy signatures coming towards Earth. The saiyan children quickly fly to the location.

Gigabyte Saga

Ultimate Cell Saga

Rigor Saga

Android Saga

True Super Saiyan Saga

Android V Saga

Froze Saga

God Saga

Whis Saga

Evil Goku Saga

Namekian Shadow Dragons Saga

Evil Super Saiyan 4 Saga

Zeal Saga

Ragnarök Saga

Maceza Saga

Legendary Super Saiyan Saga

Xicor Saga

Atomix Saga


History of Ryun

Revenge of Bitter

The Return of Kuriza


Bio Warrior: The Tuffle Saiyan

5 years after Froze has been defeated, the world is now a happy place. In the mountains of Mount Paozu, Riku and Goku Jr are training in the wilderness. They then decide to take a break and see an ad for an upcoming tournament for all people (including an all you can eat buffet). Excited, the two inform the rest of the New Z Fighters of the tournament. They all eagerly join in on the tournament except for Redick and Vegeta Jr, who only join for the work out and the buffet. The New Z Fighters go to the tournament and easily beat everybody in the preliminary round. After the preliminary round, the fighters go to the buffet, to everyone's surprise, has more than enough food for the Saiyans. The New Z Fighters go off to a secluded arena where they have to fight

Syren: The Ultimate Android


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