Dragon Ball TD (standing for Teardrop) is a continuation from the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT series. It takes place 895 years after the end of DBGT.

Central Characters


Elic- The main protagonist (but not the first introduced)

Cuma- The first protagonist (and character) introduced.

Bella- The third protagonist introduce.

Lois- The fourth protagonist introduced.

Marc- The last protagonist (originally a villain) to be introduced.


Kristen- The first (and most recurring) villain introduced.

Glacio- The second (and probably one half of the two most major) villain to be introduced

Frosko- The third (and probably one half of the two most major) villain to be introduced.

Android 0- The fourth major villain introduced.

Unzio- The last major villain introduced.

Minor Hero

Sepiero-Kowalzcyk Corporation

Minor Villain

Redfire Crew

Ace Corporation


The series again continues the adventures of Goku, but this time however, Goku is not directly involved. Instead, his long-removed descendant, Elic, is the mainstay. He is usually joined by his best friend Cuma and her sister, Bella. The first episodes focus mainly on these three and their participation in the Planetary Draft Tournament. The next few episodes focus on the aftermath of the Tournament, in which Glacio and Frosko, go mad after losing the Draft, and declare an interplanetary war. The rest is the war itself and the results of such. The main heroes of Teardrop are also looking for new magical artifacts known as Teardrop crystals, in an effort to end the war. They also somewhat reform the Z Fighters, only the members are different. They also face similar villains as the original Z-Fighters, such as The Aces, Android 0 and Unzio.

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