Goku gets killed by the new androids 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Vegeta kills all the Android up to 29 Android 30 starts beating up Vegeta Prince of all Saiyans gets kills Joshua8 he is good kills the Androids up to 40 gets killed come back he kills up to 50 he finds them had to kills he kills more up to Androids 60 then he gets killed Krillin kills Androids up to 70 then he can't fight them at all Tien comes with new power then he kills Androids up to 90 then Tien gets kills Android 18 kills androids up to 97 Android 18 kills 98 then runs out of power Android 17 kills Androids up to 8000 then he kills Androids up to 9000.

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