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Dodoria's Elite (ドドリアリート, Dodoria no Seiei) are Dodoria's henchmen that only appear in the Burdock Special. Commander Cado, the leader of Dodoria's Elite, has orangish-flesh-colored skin, black hair, and horns. Boysenberry was a blue-purple humanoid Xenomorph-like alien and is the same alien race as Appule and Orin. Grepe was a humanoid frog-like alien with a red headcrest. And Tanger was a green humanoid fish-like alien and is the same alien race as Coconut and the Slug Soldiers. They accompany Dodoria to Planet Meat to assist him in killing Burdock's crew. All four thought that because they had easily beaten Burdock's friends with Dodoria's help, they could take out Burdock without much difficulty. They were mistaken, and after a lengthy struggle, Burdock managed to kill all four of them. Boysenberry fired several ki blasts at Burdock, only to have his skull caved in. Tanger was killed when Burdock used him as an alien shield against a ki blast intended for the Saiyan. Grepe held Burdock while Commander Cado rapidly punched when the Saiyan was distracted by future visions. When Burdock snapped out of it, he twisted Grepe around and Cado accidently punched a hole through Grepe's back. Burdock then blew them both up with a large ki blast.

Voice Actors

  • Japanese Dub: Yuji Machi, Daiki Nakamura, Hitoshi Bifu, and Daisuke Gori
  • FUNimation Dub: Ceyli Delgadillo, Kyle Hebert, Dameon Clarke, and Bart Myer

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