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Death Beam (デスビーム, desubīmu), originally Frieza Beam (フリーザビーム, furīzabīmu) is a lethal, powerful technique used by Frieza. He extends his right arm and fires a small, very fast bullet-like beam/laser of ki from his index finger, which barrels down and pierces through an opponent. Able to be fired exceedingly quickly while maintaining precise aim. Frieza murders both Dende and Vegeta in this fashion, and heavily wounds Piccolo.

As a special ability gained from Frieza, Cell uses the same skill against Gohan when the young Saiyan first confronts him, and later to end the life of Trunks after a surprise return from self-destruction (in Super Perfect Cell form).

In a flashback, Kid Buu used the Death Beam to kill many green aliens.


The Death Beam has a few variations.

  • Crazy Finger Beam - A two-handed rapid fire version used by Freeza in his 3rd Form when he fought Piccolo. It is performed by firing multiple Death Beams from both hands (fired from the middle and index fingers) in a very rapid succession. The name comes from the Budokai Tenkaichi video games.
  • Barrage Death Beam - A single-handed, rapid fire version used by Freeza in his Final Form. It is preformed like a normal Death Beam, but instead of a single beam Frieza fires multiple beams from his index finger. Frieza used this move during his first encounter with Goku. Goku, however, was able deflect them all with just one hand (much to Frieza's surprise). The attack's name comes from DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. In the game it is used by "Final Form" Freeza and Perfect Cell.
  • Full Power Death Beam - A full-powered version of the Death Beam which appears in DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. It is fired like a normal "Death Beam", but the beam is wider, brighter, and it has far more power, it is also similar to the Kamehameha in terms of function (as it can clash with a Kamehameha or similar attack). This attack was used by Super Perfect Cell to kill Future Trunks. It is used only by King Cold and Super Perfect Cell, meaning that it is possible that this version of the Death Beam was developed by King Cold himself. Cell most likely gained it as he possesses some of King Cold's cells. (This supports the idea that this technique originated from Cold.)
  • Double Finger Beam/Twin Death Beam - A variation of the Death Beam in which Freeza fires two Death Beams from his middle and index (one beam from his index finger and one from his middle finger) at the same time. Frieza (Final Form) tried to use this technique to kill Gohan, but Vegeta kicked Gohan out of the way of both beams. This attack's name is unknown.

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