Dark star
, Dark Star or The Planet of Darkness is the home world of Babidi's minion, Yakon.


During the battle in Babidi's space ship, Goku battled against Yakon, a strange alien creature. After a quick fight, Babidi decides to transfer the warriors to Yakon's home world, so that he could fight at his best. Upon arrival, it is apparent that the name holds up, as the planet is pitch black. Yakon believes he has the upper hand, seeing as how this it is his home world and that he is apparently nocturnal. However, he soon realized just what he is up against. Goku explains that he can feel and sense out Yakon's movements without even needing to see. Nevertheless, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, lighting up the surrounding area. Yakon proceeds to suck in Goku's energy, revealing that the monster feeds on light. Goku sees right through the technique, and allows Yakon to suck in another batch. Only this time, Goku kicks his power into overdrive, and Yakon swallows far to much, which obliterates him. Babidi then returns the warriors to his ship, and the planet is never mentioned again.

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