The Cykreasians are a race of hominid creatures that inhabit Cykrease. They are one of 2 races to inhabit said planet (the other being the Zoans. This race appears mainly in the Dragon Ball CM series. Their names are derived from animals.

Major Cykreasians




King Manto




Physically, Cykreasians are outwardly similar to Saiyans, Kirlians and Humans as well as Zoans. They possess tails similar to Frieza's and can use them as weapons in battle. Being natives of Cykrease, their bodies are stronger than a Human's and rivals those of Saiyans, Zoans and Kirlians. They also have blue, scale-like skin.

=Growth and Developement

Most Cykreasians continue growing until age 20, but they'll have grown about the same size as most Humans. At age 45, they do gain considerable amounts of weight and gain up to 3 inches in height. Female Cykreasians tend to be larger than males and heavier, but this doesn't affect their looks (Viper is a prime example, as she is considered beuatiful in many descriptions). Male Cykreasians also live longer than females by 6 years.


Cykreasians are clearly able to reproduce normally with Humans and presumably Saiyans, Zoans and Kirlians. However, the resulting offspring would be orange. The Cykreasians need not interbreed to survive, but Manto did so (albeit unintentionally) out of choice.

Personality types

Cykreasians are similar to Saiyans and Zoans in that they crave combat. However, Cykreasians crave combat only if it has a cause or is defending their planet. Cykreasians, for the most part, get along very well with other races and species. Though, if threatened, they will not hesitate to destroy a predator or enemy, and are very capable of eradicating an entire race if necessary. Some are actually against fighting. Ironically, said Cykreasians are usually the most powerful of the species.

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