Complete Super Saiyan


Complete Super Saiyan Evil Goku

Complete Super Saiyan is a form that can only be achieved by a select few. The only known being to reach Complete Super Saiyan is Evil Goku. Once Evil Goku achieved this power, he went on a rampage, destroying universes here and there, battling Gods and winning with one punch. Evil Goku was unstoppable. Then Final Super Saiyan Goku confronted Complete Super Saiyan Evil Goku. The battle was tense, if one landed a blow on the other, it was over. Because Evil Goku was connected to everything, he could tell Goku`s next move, and Goku was losing. So in desperation, Goku absorbed Evil Goku. Evil Goku now sits in Goku`s mind, slowly corrupting his thoughts.

Reaching Complete Super Saiyan

The only way to reach Complete Super Saiyan is to sync your mind, body, and Ki with everything else in existence. Evil Goku achieved this and is the only known one to achieve it. How he did it is a mystery, but some say he went outside existence itself, into a void and trained.


Upon reaching Complete Super Saiyan, you know everything that everyone else in existence knows. You will know your enemies next move because you will know it. This gives whoever reaches this state, all knowledge of Ki abilities, and all martial arts.

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