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Bunshin (分身, Clone) is the general ability to split into several identical duplicates to fight as a group. It is encountered quite often in anime, but the only manga usage was Tien's Multi-Form.

Piccolo uses this to sprout an identical sparring partner. During the battle against the Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa, Piccolo and Krillin use a specific cloning technique called the Tri-Form splitting themselves into three identical duplicates to fight as a group. This is similar to the Multi-Form technique used by Tien Shinhan, which divides its user into a total of four separate beings.

Ninja Murasaki uses an alleged cloning technique called Bunshin no Jutsu, however his 'clones' are actually his brothers in disguise. One of Lord Slug's henchmen, Metamucha, creates clones that absorb their opponents' ki. Metamucha's method of cloning is similar to the one used by Cell to produce Cell Juniors.

While Fusion techniques seem to do the exact opposite, it is unknown how they act together (for example, if Piccolo can split into his former self and Nail).

Similar techniques

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