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Tsuibidan (追尾弾) — Chasing Bullet.

The Chasing Bullet is an attack first used by Piccolo during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budôkai. After Goku had managed to foil Piccolo's many other attempts to defeat him, Piccolo grew enraged and used this weapon in another attempt to defeat Goku.

Piccolo uses this in a similar manner to the Exploding Powerful Demon Wave, with one arm supporting the one that is firing the beam itself. The Chasing Bullet is yellow-orange in colour and the beam itself is faster than the Exploding Powerful Demon Wave and in addition also has the ability to home in on its target, with considerable power, but not as much as the Exploding Powerful Demon Wave.

After using this attack Goku at first is dimissive of it, unimpressed by its unoriginality, and simply leaps out of the way, however Goku soon realizes that he is mistaken after the beam turns around and comes right back at him. Goku then leaps high into the air and is again surprised by the beam's homing ability, and he fires a Kamehameha to stay ahead of it, with Piccolo laughing maniacally at Goku's plight, saying Goku cannot possibly escape.

Goku soon proves otherwise and Piccolo is the one left surprised after Goku suddenly drops out of the air and runs at Piccolo and leads the beam directly into a horrified Piccolo, badly wounding Piccolo's arm; forcing Piccolo to tear it off and regenerate a new one.

There is also speculation that Piccolo uses this same attack in Dragon Ball Z Movie 5 to vaporize Doore, one of Cooler's personal militiamen. The beam's colour, considerable power and homing capability lead many to believe this is the case.


Character meaning

  • 追 (Tsui) - Pursue / chase after
  • 尾 (Bi) - Tale
  • 弾 (Dan) - Bullet
  • 追尾(Tsuibi) means pursuit.

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