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The Cell Juniors are seven miniature versions of Cell. Each Junior has Cell's power and abilities. The Cell Juniors were created by Perfect Cell during Cell Games in order to infuriate Gohan enough to release his hidden power. By having them attack the Z fighters, Gohan became infuruated and his hidden power awakened when coupled with Cell's killing of Android 16. Gohaan then easily disposed of them one by one, blowing their heads and torsos right off with no effort.

They tormented the Z-fighters, and the only ones who could fight on par with them were Piccolo, Vegeta, and Trunks (though all three of them eventually fell before Gohaan killed the six evil ones). They are said to almost have the same strength as Perfect Cell himself, making them, in spirit, like miniature Perfect Cells. They are extremely powerful, facing the strongest fighters without fighting seriously; one of them was even strong enough to catch Vegeta's Final Flash and throw it to the side, in a filler portion of the anime. They seem to have a slight disadvantage in stamina, however, as a single attack with enough power can cause them to seemingly explode into bloody scraps. Although six were killed, one survived, Gigabyte, by hiding behind the rocks as the others got destroyed. She became a New Z Fighter. It is possible that the Cell Jr.s can be different genders, seeing that Gigabyte is a female.

  • Special Beam Cannon — Again not original to the Cell Jr., although it had to do with the genetic information passed down from Cell. This move was an imitation of Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon that resulted from Piccolo's cells, and was again unused in the manga.
  • Destructo Disk — An imitation of Krillin's distructo disc learned from Cell's genetic information, hence an unofficial move of the Cell Jr. that was not used in the manga by them or Cell.
  • Death Beam — Cell's share of the Death Beam that is available to the Cell Junior. It can be considered an original move as it is passed down from Cell and is used frequently, showing that it is one of Cell Jr.'s primary as well as one of their weakest moves, and one that remained unused in the manga during the short time the Cell Juniors remained on-screen.

  • Tri-Beam The Cell Jrs. are able ro use the Tri-Beam as seen in The Unleashing They used it against Gohan.

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