Bella Sepiero is one of three lead protagonists in the Teardrop series. She is one of Vegeta's long-removed descendants, and her last known Saiyan ancestor is Vegeta Jr. It is unknown if she is descended through Trunks or Bulla. Aside from this she is the older sister of Cuma and the elder daughter of Rue. She is also a member of the Sepiero Family.


When she is introduced, she is shown to be a bit arrogant. This may have been to just intimidate Cuma's attackers, which worked very well. Her mother raises her to one day assume responsibility of the Planetary Corporation under their banner, alongside Selica. Because of this, Bella belives herself to be more important than her sister. Despite this, she loves her family dearly.

Her friendship with Elic isn't as close as Cuma's friendship. However, she has shown that she values him deeply. She sees his power (despite him not being a Super Saiyan) and believes it rivals her own at Super Saiyan level. Like all the other females in the Teardrop series, she is shown to have a slight crush on him. Aside from that, she tries to keep him at arms length.

Physical Description

Season 1

Height: 5ft. 10 in.

Weight: 140 lbs.

Age: 17-18 years

Skin color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

Bella, like her mother and sister, are tall compared to her ancestors Bulma and Bulla. Her hair resembles that of Android 18, but just slightly longer and jet-black. She is very developed, about as much as her mother, but definitely more than her sister. She was even once mistaken for being her mother's sister (in reality, Rue does have a sister, but it isn't Bella). Glacio and Frosko take perverted notice of her, Cuma and even Rue at one point. Her eyes are caramel brown, and very sleepy.


When Bella is first introduced, she has turned Super Saiyan to take on the Redfire Crew. However, they fled at the mere mention of her power. She states that she didn't even need to transform to take them on. By the Planetary Draft Tournament, her base form power level is 92,000,000.

Super Saiyan

She was introduced in the third episode as a Super Saiyan, to Cuma's and the Crew's surprise. She said that she could've taken them on without transforming. The crew fled instantly. In the Tournament, she often proved to be at least a match for her opponents, even opponents such as Johnny. She also held her own against Final Form Glacio for a while.

Before the Tournament, her power level as a Super Saiyan was 109,000,000. By the start of the Tournament it was 151,000,000.

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