The crew led by Bardock is comprised of five low-class Saiyan soldiers, including the leader himself. They are alternatively referred to in the video game Budokai Tenkaichi 3 as Bardock's "planet elite force," although this is imprecise as the platoon is patronized several times in Bardock: The Father of Goku for being comprised of low-class fighters who, by definition, are inferior to elite squads such as the one led by Dodoria.


  • Bardock -The biological father of Raditz and Goku, Bardock is a Saiyan warrior who is given the gift of precognitive foresight.
  • Shugesh -Shugesh is one of the members of Bardock's team. His cheek is cut by a ki blast by Demetrious while battling in Great Ape form, to which he retaliates by crushing him.
  • Fasha -The only female member of Bardock's crew. After Bardock is attacked by one of the last surviving members of Kanassa, Fasha and others decided to return him back to their homeworld Planet Vegeta so that he could be healed.
  • Tora -A tall masculine member of Bardock's team. He is Burdock's best friend and the only person Bardock gets a chance to talk to when he finds his group slaughtered by Dodoria and his elites. The bloodstained headband that Burdock wears was worn by Tora as an armband when he was still alive. Bardock removed it from him after his death and wore it as a headband honoring his team.
  • Borgos -A large, balding member of Bardock's team; often keeping to himself when not eating or on missions. Like his teammates, he is killed while on assignment on Planet Meat by Grepe of Dodoria's Elite.

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