Ashura Is The Son of Vegeta From a Alternate Universe Where Frieza Didn't Kill All The Saiyans and They Killed Frieza With Ashura's Super Saiyan Form (Obtained By Ashura's Huge Power Level) And Made A Colony and The Highest Ashura Can Go (In Super Saiyan Forms) is Super Saiyan 10. He Was Born By The Time The King Piccolo Saga Started and a Teen When Goku Met Piccolo Jr (Thanks To One of The Few Saiyan Sientest's) Thats When He and His Father Mastered The Super Saiyan Form and Killed Frieza, Zarbon And Dodoria And Freed The Saiyan Race. When They Sent Raditz To Find His Brother Kakarot (Goku) Who Was Taking a Long Time To Conquer Earth (The Reason Goku was Sent To Earth In The First Place) They Thought Since Raditz Was Weak That They Should Send Ashura With Him To Make Sure He Dosen't Screw Up. When They Found out Goku Had Bumped His Head As a Child and Forgot His Saiyan Behavior They Offered To Let Him Join Them. Like In The Anime Dragon Ball Z Kai He Refused To Harm Humans So They Killed Him Instead of Giving Him Another Chance After That They Killed The Other's The Last Being Gohan Then They Sold Earth To an Unkown Alein Race. By The Frieza Saga Ashura Had a GirlFreind Named Zurita and By The Imperfect Cell Saga He Married Her And When Majin Buu Created Evil Buu Ashura and Zurita's Son Was Born and Named Vegetra In Honer of Vegeta. Qoutes: "Hmph... Kakarot's Power Is Weaker Then Yours Raditz" "See You in Hell Frieza" "Yes! Good Vegetra Good! Keep Raising Your Ki! Your Going To Be a Super Saiyan in No Time!"

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