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Aru Village is a small rural village populated with humans. The Village is Where Goku & Bulma first met Oolong. Oolong would terrorize the village and take young girls to work in his mansion just outside the village. The Village residents have Goku capture Oolong in exchange for a Dragon Ball. After he's captured Oolong has all the parents take their girls back and Bulma makes him go on thier journey. This Village is only seen in episode 4, Oolong the Terrible. It is never seen again afterwards.

The village has a diversity of having cowboy dressed people and people dressed like Indians as well.

Aru Village was the second level of Dragon Ball on the NES. You must go through houses punching objects that either end up being Oolong or a mad maid that chases you out of the house. You end the level by getting the key and going into Oolong's Lair at the end of the village.

Notable Residents of Aru Village

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