Appule (Apūru) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise. He makes his debut in "Vegeta Has a Ball", the 51st episode of Dragon Ball Z, which premiered on June 6, 1990. He makes his first manga appearance in "The Four Dead Heroes", the 261st chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, issued on July 10, 1990. Appule belongs to the same unnamed race as Boysenberry and Orin.


Appule is one of countless henchmen Frieza dispatches on Planet Namek to search for the Dragon Balls and report any sightings of Namek villages. Later he is assigned to oversee a healing Vegeta, who was meant to be queried with upon recovery, however the situation grows awry when Vegeta escapes from the rejuvenation chamber and kills Appule. Long after his death, during the Kid Buu Saga Appule appears in Hell alongside Cell, Frieza and other past villains. Several other members of his unnamed species make appearances during the Garlic Jr. Saga while Vegeta searches for Goku in outer space, all of which are easily wiped out by the Saiyan. Appule makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball GT where he is defeated as he flies out of Hell in the Super 17 Saga.

Other appearances

Appule makes his first playable appearance in a Dragon Ball video game spin-off in the Japanese and European Wii versions of Budokai Tenkaichi 2. He was later established a permanent character in all regional ports of Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

Special abilities

Voice actors


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