Android V is a bio-android created by the evil Dr Gero. She has the DNA of Vegeta Jr, which was collected from the blood splattered on villains recently killed by The New Z Fighters. She was first introduced as a villain, then brought back as a hero.


Android V favors to Android 18. She looks exactly like her, except she has ragged black hair and green eyes rather than straight blonde hair and blue eyes. Unlike Android 18, Android V has defined muscles, yet keeping her feminine physique.


Since she has DNA of Vegeta Jr, she is arrogant and cocky, making everyone else feel inferior. She also has the craving for battle like all Saiyans do. She also has been shown to mention she has pride of Vegeta, even acknowledging that she is of royal blood.



In the depths of Hell, Dr Gero collected samples of Vegeta Jr's blood to create the,"ultimate android."

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