Android 2 (人造人間2号, Jinzōningen Ni) is an fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise. Dr. Gero's second creation, Android 2 was allegedly designed to serve the Red Ribbon Army. It is mentioned twice during the Androids Saga of Dragon Ball Z, first during a recollection by Gero of how the first twelve android models were failures, and later by Android 17, who asserts that Dr. Gero destroyed the first fifteen androids he designed. This disturbs the canonicity of Super Android 13!, which features androids 13, 14 and 15 as its lead villains and provides an original explanation that Dr. Gero was murdered by androids 17 and 18 prior to personally completing 13 through 15 (leaving an underground supercomputer to finish the models posthumously).


  • Interestingly, the robot which Goku, Krillin and Bulma encounter in the pirates' cove in "The Trap is Sprung", the 50th episode of the Dragon Ball anime, has the number '2' painted on both of its legs. However, since this is apparently the Red Ribbon Army's first venture into the cave and they appear to have no knowledge of the robot, it seems highly unlikely that this would be the Android 2 that Dr. Gero created. Still, the pirate cove robot bares resemblance to a failed project, possibly Android 3, which hangs strung above what is unarguably the third android's laboratory pod in a scene during Future Trunks' telling of Dr. Gero's plot in Dragon Ball Z.
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