The Absolute Super Saiyan form is a form that will possibly never be achieveable unless the user is a saiyan, and has the power to absorb other forms of energies, and ki.

What the Absolute Super Saiyan form is it's when a saiyan has absorbed so much energy (we're talking absorbing entire universes here) that they can no longer get stronger. "Absolute" is another word for "Perfect, Utter, Pure and Entire", which is why it is used for this. This form is one of the few limitations saiyans have. Only Rythian/Zeronis has achieved this form while fighting the King of Darkness, a being that was created at the begining of time, and has absorbed negative energy throughout all of creation, making him one of the strongest beings to ever exist. When Rythian achieved this form, he had gotten a flaming aura much like the Super Saiyan God's aura, yet it was a dim white. This form is so strong that the user cannot fight within a universe while it is active because of the raw power. The power level for this form would be somewhere around

999,999,999 to the 999th power. In other words it is such a massive power that there is no real way to calculate it.  But because the Absolute forms for every living being all equal out, Rythian and Darkness could not beat each other, and so Rythian had to absorb the negative energy from Darkness so that he would be no more, thus making all of creation much more pure and positive again. Although Darkness can come back an infinite number of times, unless all of creation ended its sins and wrong doings.

Appearance: Flaming white aura. The hair is as white as pure light energy, and it flows and shimmers rapidly. 

Achieved by: Rythian, Darkness, Ulronaty.

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